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The opening ceremony of 2019 international students

release on:2019-05-04

On the morning of March 1 2019, Foshan University held its ceremony for the international incoming students. The students ceremony was held in Yigu Café, and started off with the students receiving a local cuisine book.



At the event, there were Pan Wensheng (deputy director of Tourism Bureau), and Ling Xing (the exit and entry Bureau), and Vice President Fu Jiangjing of Foshan University. In addition, there were also some teachers from the International Cooperation and Exchange Department, and around 60 international students.



The following is a welcome speech by Vice-Chancellor.


“Tang li Jian xue“, the moving and graceful national dance performance raised the curtain to the opening ceremony. By the end of the song, Vice President Fu Jiangjing took the stage to deliver a speech.




Vice President Fu Jiangjing, on the behalf of teachers and international students, warmly welcomed new students from all over the world. He hopes that the university can provide the students with a strong cultural experience and homie environment. By the end of his speech, he wishes for the international students to have wonderful and unforgettable time studying abroad. That during their time in China, they would be able to achieve their dreams, and fall in love with China.



The following is a speech done by an international student.

Henry, on behalf of the international students, gave a speech expressing his expectation for the new semester. Henry is from the United States, and although he has only studied Chinese for one semester, the way he speaks Chinese is just as comparable to a Chinese’s person.


Deputy director of Tourism Bureau, Mr. Pan Wensheng presented the  books“FANBEN”.


Later, deputy director of Tourism Bureau, Mr. Pan Wensheng presented the students books entitled “Fan Ben”. The book introduces the cuisines of various places in Foshan. By reading this book, the students can learn more about the food and Foshan culture better. In return, it will help them grow and deepen in their love for Foshan more and more.


Law dissemination to the international students.



In order for international students to know more about and abide by Chinese laws, we invited the exit and entry Bureau to explain and disseminate our laws to them.



Group photo


The event came to a successful close in a smooth transition and included all the people going outside to partake in a group photo in front of the Huitong teaching building.



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